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New Patients

If you have been injured in a car accident in Miami, you have 14 days to be examined by a doctor and receive coverage for treatment.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a personalized therapy treatment plan for our patients using only data from current and reliable research. We design each treatment plan to meet the specific goals of each patient by applying clinical knowledge and critical thinking, improving their potential for optimal results and reduce their risk of re-injury.

For several years, Valles and Associates Rehabilitation Services Inc. has been a private practice committed to excellence in all aspects of medical management and acute rehabilitation. Valles & Associates Rehabilitation Services Inc also treats and helps patients to recover with injures caused by a car accident involving Uber, Lyft, carpooling or another rideshare companies, just call us and start your personal treatment now. Our office is situated in the heart of Miami, Florida, with easy access to the Turnpike and other major highways. We also offer transportation, call us and we will pick you up!

Call us at (305) 233-7035 or visit our Contact Page for more information.
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